Sunday, November 05, 2006

About This Blog

When I started this blog, initially I envisioned it a place for quick posts on tips and tricks I picked up while studying during medical school. However, over time, the posts came to include interesting medical stories I came across as well as my opinions on various matter. Some of the more popular posts involved me trying to answer questions that the resources I studied from did not seem to answer completely. Not too surprisingly, other people had similar issues as well.

Over time, several topics seemed to take precedence. In particular, taking the Step exams starting with USMLE Step 1 occupies much of the US medical student's mind. For those of you who have already taken Step 1, perhaps you could comment and contribute your insights to help make the posts better. Equally important are USMLE Step 2 CK and CS as well as USMLE Step 3. Ultimately though, all the tests are studying are a means to... well, first another means: residency. But that serves as a means to the end of a meaningful career in medicine. 

Thanks again for stopping by and reading. If you have any suggestions or ideas for posts/topics (or heck, want to submit one yourself), contact me via the contact page or by email at scrubnotes[at]gmail[dot]com.

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  1. You have a nice blog running here. Keep it up and good luck with the boards and the Match.

  2. Radiology, for such a people-oriented individual?

  3. Haha, I'll take that as a compliment. I guess I have two ways to respond, since I'm not in the field itself yet. First, I think the stereotype is outmoded. While radiologists don't necessarily have *patient* interaction, they still have a quite a fair amount of *people* interaction - it's just with other radiologists, physicians, and staff. Or, if you do IR, you still have some amount of patient contact. Second, even if the stereotype is true, I believe in balance, and it's quite easy enough to balance the solitary style of a radiologist by just being that much more social in the other parts of my life =)

  4. Are you in Rad Residency yet? and is it in Texas too? If you don't mind can you tell what USMLE score for rad residency in Texas? I'm DO student with both decent COMLEX and USMLE scores.


  5. hey...nice n interesting blog there...
    u got yourself a regular visitor.

  6. I will not start my radiology residency for another year, and it will not be in Texas. I have a policy of not disclosing my actual scores. If you are interested in aggregate statistics, I suggest looking at Charting Outcomes In The Match:

  7. Nice blog :)
    Was it hard to get into Med School with a degree in Economics or did it actually turn out helpful?

  8. @Live It - I don't think having an economics degree put me at a disadvantage in getting into medical school, and if anything, it might have helped a bit as it made me stand out from the crowd. Heh, not sure how helpful it was during medical school though...

  9. Very cool blog. Will be checking it regularly...



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