Sunday, February 25, 2007

Books For Pediatrics Core Clerkship / Rotation And Shelf Exam

I just finished my pediatrics clerkship. For us, the rotation is set up with 2 weeks of neonatology, 2 weeks of ambulatory / outpatient clinics, and 1 month of inpatient care. At the end, we were required to take a pediatrics shelf exam. I think I did alright, but that test was looooong. At any rate, to prepare, I used Case Files, First Aid for Pediatrics, and Appleton&Lange Review for Pediatrics questions. They were all fairly helpful. I'm pretty sure I saw some questions from the A&L show up nearly verbatim on my shelf. If you're interested in any of those, check 'em out:


Updated 2015-12-06

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