Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A Funny Story During My Surgery Clerkship Rotation

Funny story I heard from a friend about a med student and the Chair of the Surgery Department here... we'll call him Dr. B

The student (let's call her Amy) is a 4th year med student rotating with Dr. B for a month on the general surgery service. Dr. B is known for being very touchy-feely with his patients and listening to their issues.. you know, the "softer" side of medicine. However, he's still a surgeon and definitely has a serious side.

The patient they are about to see on morning rounds has had many problems during her life. In addition to her surgery, she has many co-morbidities as well as stresses in her life. She has also been battling depression and weight issues. Today, her main concern is some kind of eye problem. Maybe a corneal abrasion or conjunctivitis, who knows. Dr. B and Amy proceed to talk to the patient and then perform a physical examination. Both carefully inspect the patient's eyes, conclude their visit, and quietly leave the room to discuss:

Dr. B: So, what did you think?
Amy: She has a lot going on...
Dr. B: I mean, what did you see in the patient's eyes?
Amy: Umm... sadness?

Dr. B: ...
Dr. B: What?! Go look in the patient's eyes again! What did you see IN the patient's eyes?!

Oh, Amy, sometimes you just can't win for trying =)

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