Thursday, August 16, 2007

Dale Dubin, EKGs, Medicine, and Race

As you might recall, this blog has previously investigated the background into the mysterious Dr. Dale Dubin. However, as mentioned last time, regardless of Dr. Dubin's extracurricular activities, the book "Rapid Interpretation of EKG's" is a good introduction to how to read EKGs. However, as one peruses the book, other interesting findings come to light. Take a look at a page from the 2nd edition, reproduced below:

There are but two interpretations of this post:

1. Dale Dubin is using the stereotype of African Americans having "rhythm" to emphasize a trivial point about the cardiac rhythm.... racist!


2. Everyone has a tiny black man that lives inside their heart. This tiny black man (I'll call him "Mr. Biggs") is very musical. Mr. Biggs loves to play on his drums, and by doing so, he keeps our heart ticking, kiddos. Thank you, Mr. Biggs. You are a true hero.

I don't know about you, but I believe #2 is the proper interpretation. I think the interpretation you choose to believe in says a lot about you. Which one seems right to you?

Don't believe me? Check out the book for yourself: 

Want more? Check out: Dale Dubin: Pornography and Prison

Updated 2015-12-07


  1. This is the strangest thing ever...
    And a hello from a fellow healthcare blogger,

  2. thank you for the timeless photo!

  3. You idiot. How is "using the stereotype of African Americans having "rhythm" " considered "racist?" Isn't that a complement? Your "Mr. Biggs" is generating a perfect rhythm in that picture. It would be different if he used a white guy for sinus rhythm and a black guy for an erratic version, etc. Then I would see your point.

    Looking at the music industry and who is producing the best beats these days, I would rather have a little black man inside my heart than anyone else.

    Stereotypical? Yes. Racist? Hell no, not Dale.

  4. Not in med school yet - but I do think it's damn funny.



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