Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dale Dubin's "Rapid Interpretation of EKGs" PDF Preview

This is an updated post of an earlier post detailing how to preview Dale Dubin's Rapid Interpretation of EKGs on Google Books. After doing some more research, I came across a pdf version as well - see below. Disclaimer: visit the site and download the pdf at your own risk.


I'm sure some of you came across this site while looking for something related to Rapid Interpretation of EKGs or Dale Dubin. Well, the book is a good primer on understanding EKGs, but some of may have your doubts before investing in a copy. 

If you want to preview the book before you purchase it, check out Rapid Interpretation of EKGs at Google Books. The preview will show you roughly 70% of the pages in the actual 6th edition, published in 2000. Google Books also has many other medically-related books that you can try-before-you-buy. If you like what you see, check out the full latest edition: 

Still not convinced? Check out the pdf version at Free E-Book Downloads. While good to peruse, I would still recommend purchasing the full book version of Rapid EKGs so that you can take notes on it as you learn. EKG interpretation is a visual skill; therefore, you should be actively sketching notes to yourself in order to clarify the points made in the book. Additionally, once you have annotated the book yourself, you can add to it as you learn from subtle EKG techniques from experienced cardiologists. Note: you can search for other medical books in pdf form on this site as well! Happy EKG interpretating!

Updated 2015-12-20

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