Friday, August 31, 2012

The Do's And Don'ts For Medical School Admissions

While this blog is typically targeted at students already in medical school, many readers have questions about how to get into medical school. This guest post by Carey discusses a few tips for getting past that medical school admissions committee:

When it comes time to decide what you want to do with your life, things are hard enough. Maybe you have already decided you want to be a doctor and you want to try your hand at getting into medical school. If this is the case, there are many things you need to prepare yourself for before getting into medical school. Here are so do's and do nots for getting into medical school.

The Do's

Study Hard

If you want to get to the first step for getting into medical school, which is the interview, you will need to study hard and ensure your grades and GPA are up to par. Your best bet is to have a GPA of 3.5 or higher. You will also need a MCAT score of more than 30 to get many interviews. This is your future so you will want to do whatever it takes to get into the school of your choice.

Gain Some Experience
Do some volunteering at your local hospital to gain some experience. Medical schools like potential students who have tried working in a hospital and still want to go further with getting a medical degree. Volunteering at a hospital or doing something medical related will ensure you stand out from other applicants, and in a good way.

Extracurricular Activites
Choose an extracurricular activity and stick with it for a while. Make sure it is something you enjoy doing. Medical schools like to see that you are committed and will stay with something for a long time. This will not only make you look good but will help you receive a leadership position that you could be happy with.

Get Involved
Get involved with whatever you can. Whether it is sports, research, the arts or helping out with the community. Doing one of these things will surely get you some points with the admissions people.

Harvard Medical School

The Do Nots

Major in Pre-Med Only
Do not just major in one thing when in pre-med. Just because you are a pre-med student doesn't mean you need to only major in medical or science related classes. Try French or journalism as a minor at least. This will show you are interested in many other things as well.

Forget to Breathe
Don't forget to breathe. Don't study too much or you will get burnt out fast. Medical schools like to see well rounded and organized people. You don't have to hit the books too hard, just enough to get the interview.

Don't stress yourself and make yourself sick. Yes, there are a lot of medical school applicants wanting a chance just as much as you do but there is no need to make yourself sick with worrying about not getting in right away. If you don't get in to be a doctor, why not try for a nursing degree, physician assistant or a nurse practitioner?

You can do it! Take these tips and advice and make yourself stand out from the rest of the crowd applying for medical school.

Carey has been writing professionally for many years now. She started out small on the freelance writing ladder and has climbed her way to the top with

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