Friday, May 01, 2015

Medical School Graduation Gifts

It's almost that time of year again, the so-called "Dads & Grads" season for gift buying. However, if you have a special someone graduating from medical school (or PA school or NP school or nursing school etc), the occasion is particularly special. As with past gift guides, the goal is to find a gift that is particularly relevant for someone graduating with a healthcare-related degree. Whether the gift is silly and fun, or more serious and intended to help them form good habits and become an outstanding health practitioner, as always, it's the thought that counts.

This time around, I will try to break the gift guide down by budget: under $25, $25 to $100, and over $100.

Under $20
The always popular Giant Microbes have a wide range of medically-themed plush toys. For example, the budding neurologist or neurosurgeon may appreciate the brain cell:


For a more introspective gift, many medical memoirs are available in paperback, including Scrub Notes favorite surgeon/author Atul Gawande:


$25 to $100
Love the Giant Microbes, but want more? Get the whole set!

For devices like the iPad suggested below, a Bluetooth keyboard case is an excellent addition. Kensington is a solid brand, and the keyboard case allows use as both a note-taking device and a reader, simply by flipping the cover. The backlit version is particularly useful in dimly lit lecture halls!

Over $100
The budding scholar will need something to port all their notes and knowledge around in. Both for reading as well as for medically related apps, the clear leader is the Apple iPad. With the introduction of the iPad Air and the Mini, the tablets have become small and light enough to carry around all day in a hospital, with the battery life to match. Remote access apps also make it easy to check electronic medical records or imaging remotely when needed. Increasingly, digital devices are becoming the 21st century's stethoscope.

However, the 20th century's stethoscope still remains an essential tool of the clinician as well as a classically stylish gift:

Speaking of classic gifts, a leather doctor's bag certainly fits the bill:

Hopefully these gifts bring a smile to your medical graduate's face. Don't feel like buying something? You could always go the more personal route and either make them something yourself or cook them a nice meal. Have a gift idea that I missed? Please include it in the comments below. Cheers!

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