Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Amazon Fire Tablet Deal

We have previously written about tablets for medical students, and why you might want one. If you're not sold on a top of the iPad Pro, consider this deal for an Amazon Fire Tablet Essentials Bundle (16GB):

Simply enter the code FIREBUNDLE at check out and get the 16GB version, case, and a screen protector for less than you would spend for the tablet itself. If you do get any kind of tablet, a case or cover is a must. Think about it: between carrying it to and from the classroom, library, or wards, the various fluids and substances in a healthcare setting, and the possibility of others using it, the tablet is prone to falls. As we discussed recently, you should also consider the pros and cons of getting a warranty.

In addition to a case, you should consider a Bluetooth keyboard. I'm personally a huge fan of the Kensington keyboard/case combo I got for my iPad Air 2, the Kensington Key Folio Thin X3:

It works great, is backlit, and last for almost a solid *year* on a single charge via microUSB. It has proven invaluable for taking notes and making the device more functional. The combination practically serves as a laptop replacement for most light to moderate computing tasks. Not to mention weighing a ton less! For any medical student with limited carrying / storage space, such a compact solution is a definite plus. 

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