Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Robot Dating and STDs

Robot dating probably doesn't make too much sense on a med student blog, but as I was reading this post, I saw this clip from Futurama which showed a futuristic version of a health-ed video:

Haha, that clip just reminded me of those awkward sex-ed videos they used to show back in middle school. I guess I included it on this blog just because of the STD reference at the end ("Electro-gonorrhea: The Noisy Killer"). Don't buy that? Well, just keep in mind that I'm studying for the step, so... yea, this is part of my integrative studying. Um, yea, that's it.

Sadly though, if you think about it a little bit, roboprostitutes (prostitrons? call grids?) could become vectors for STDs. Oh, to remember the days when the only robot one had to worry about was the robotic Richard Simmons! Also, if this is the future, why are they still using VHS? Maybe it's just some inside joke on Futurama that I don't get... anyone know why?

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