Monday, January 14, 2008

Why I Am Scared of Ob/Gyn

I am scared of my Ob/Gyn rotation. I'll admit my view is not well-informed and based mostly on hearsay. However, everyone seems to work long hours, and be on edge. Several people have independently mentioned bad experiences they've had with particular residents. I'm not saying everything about Ob/Gyn is bad, but.... well, there's a reason why I scheduled it for after residency applications have been submitted.

Still, sometimes I ponder whether I was not giving Ob/Gyn a fair shake. I'm not sure I could ever be interested in gynecology, but there was a time that I toyed with the idea of obstetrics (chalk it up to one too many episodes of "The Cosby Show"...). However, the final nail in the coffin was this clip from "Knocked Up" (NSFW):

Okay, so I shouldn't take my career decision cues from Knocked Up, but the fact that this scene even works as humor must mean it has some basis in reality? Anyway, shalom!

Updated 2015-12-07

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