Wednesday, May 14, 2008

7 Ways To Roll Out Of Bed Happy

Online lists are always a bit suspect, but I thought that some of the suggestions found in 7 Simple Ways To Burst Out of Bed Each Morning were interesting. Of course, there is no conclusive scientific basis to any of these that I know of, but doesn't hurt to try, I suppose. I do find it interesting how the list uses scientific-sounding terms to prove its claims without really providing solid evidence. For example:
The Water Hack: A bit of water before bed and half a liter as soon as you get up. The water before bed will serve in the rejuvenation process we mentioned above. While you sleep all your cells will fill up with this fresh water and create an over all well being within your body.

The water in the morning does two things. One is it provides your first dose of water to get your mind and body going. Another function, as told to me by my endocrinology teacher (a very qualified person to say this), is that a dose of water in the morning triggers a cascade of physiological functions that engages your digestive system and causes you to excrete feces. You'll feel nice and light first thing in the morning!

I mean, maybe this is possible, but it could also be due to the fact that you have not had a bowel movement while you were asleep, so you are more likely to have one anyway. I wonder how much the average reader buys into this. At any rate, some of the tips just make sense, so hopefully people benefit from them.

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