Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fructose and Lipogenesis

An interesting study from UT Southwestern notes that the rate of lipogenesis is increased when glucose is replaced with fructose:

In the research, six healthy individuals went through three tests where they had to drink a fruit drink mix. In one test, the breakfast drink was 100 percent glucose, similar to the liquid doctors give patients to test for diabetes — the oral glucose tolerance test.

In the second test, they drank half glucose and half fructose, and in the third, they drank 25 percent glucose and 75 percent fructose. The tests were random and blinded, and the subjects ate a regular lunch about four hours later.

The researchers found that lipogenesis, the process by which sugars are turned into body fat, increased significantly when as little as half the glucose was replaced with fructose. Fructose given at breakfast also changed the way the body handled the food eaten at lunch. After fructose consumption, the liver increased the storage of lunch fats that might have been used for other purposes.

Hmm... guess I should lay off the colas, huh?

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