Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Sarah Palin's Birthing Guide

As I am on Ob/Gyn right now, a friend sent this to me regarding the controversy surrounding Sarah Palin:
Pregnant? Out of state? Practice the Palin Method!
Just as the pundits predicted, America is falling in love with Sarah Palin, America's supermom -- and soon to be grandmom (and maybe even great-grandmom, depending on whether Bristol has a girl and how soon that girl becomes fertile). Palin, as we're finding out, is a "maverick," who "does things her own way." Including not only the way she runs a family, but the way she creates a family. Lost in the rumor about whether Palin had faked her last pregnancy was the true story of how Palin actually had her last child Tram Trim Trig.
While some choose natural childbirth, some choose Lamaze, and others choose traditional hospital arrangements, Palin chose to get on a plane after her water broke and fly from Texas to Alaska, with a stop in Seattle. Was it because she wanted to be closer to God? Or did she hear about Alaska Airlines Northern Bites® Hearty Picnic Pack ($5)? Nobody knows, but, hey, the baby's alive, so the gamble paid off. Plus, you don't get frequent flyer miles in Lamaze class, ladies.
Palin, as the country is about to learn, has lots of ideas about how you should run your life. Including the part that involves your vagina (lots of ideas about that area).
So if you're pregnant, and bored with the tired old risk-free method, try the Palin method...


  1. Wow. I'm a pro-choice, liberal feminist and will be voting for Obama; but I find the jokes in this piece really off-color. Making fun of Palin's daughter's name and her pregnancy? Pretty banal. With so much else about Palin to criticize, can we please leave her daughter out of it?

  2. I agree - these comments are over the line. Challenge Palin on her resume, not her family.

  3. Oh goodness. Get a sense of humor. The woman is insane! You don't have to poke fun at her, but it's hilarious to read!

  4. The post was meant to be a satire on the real issue of whether Palin's actions after her water broke were appropriate, which I think is clearly medically relevant. I didn't realize that the web had become so PC or that there were so many Palin supporters out there, but I'm fine with the content of the post.

    However, that being said, if anyone would like to make a serious comment about Palin's actions with regards to her pregnancy (getting the amniocentesis, flying after her water broke, etc), I'd love to hear it.

  5. idk what any of you are talking about i think Shes a wonderful women who deserves respect and i think its disgusting how WOMEN of all people are trashing her. Women should be happy to see atleast some one get as far as she got. its Horrible when most women are bashing on how they think shes dumb and dosent deserve to be up there. Uhm well excuse me women of america i dont see any of you being bright enough to get as far as she did. and I give her a heck of alot of credit fer all the B.S shes taking from people. This isnt High school where its cool to make fun of peoples family and her clothing and her children its really immature.

    Any way i hope in 2012 i see Sarah Palin Running for president Because i know ill be the first to vote fer this intellegent young women



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