Monday, October 06, 2008

SmartMedTravel: A Website for Residency Applicants

Many 4th year medical students this year are about to embark on the long process of applying and interviewing for residency positions. I've already started to feel the pressure of scheduling multiple interviews in different cities and trying to coordinate with various programs. SmartMedTravel is a site started by a couple of former medical students that aims to make the planning easier. Their mission is:
As medical students we traveled the U.S. interviewing at medical schools and residency programs. We searched the web to find the cheapest options and created this site to be the most comprehensive collection of budget airlines, rental cars, and second option airports compiled in one place.

This site can be utilized by anyone. It is specifically tailored for medical and pre-med students as it is arranged to show the cheapest travel options for every city that has a residency program or medical school
It looks pretty decent. If you use this site, let me know what your experience with it is like. I'll also be sharing my thoughts in a future post.

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