Monday, October 20, 2008

Concierge Health Care Service

Concierge health care service is a relatively new concept. The idea is basically one in which the physician cuts out of the middleman and only accepts patients who pay for their care directly, without using insurance. Here is one doctor's concierge healthcare experience (via KevinMD):
This post from about a year ago explored the reasons why my friend and personal physician -- internist Bill Lent, MD -- decided to convert his internal medicine practice to a concierge practice in which he limited his practice to 600 patients who pay $1,500 per year to retain his services. Inasmuch as I am blessed with good health, the only time I see Bill in most years is for my annual physical, which was this past week. As always, it was good to catch up with him and hear his thoughts about the first year of a concierge practice.

In short, Bill's experience has been overwhelmingly positive. The funds generated through his patients' retainer payments have relieved Bill of the financial pressure that had been mounting over the past decade to increase patient visits as Medicare and private medical insurers systematically reduced the amount paid to doctors for such visits. Released from that pressure, Bill is now able to spend more time with each patient, which Bill believes provides the patient with better quality service. The response from Bill's patients has been uniformly positive.

Although Bill's workload has been reduced from the standpoint that he no longer feels compelled to see more and more patients to maintain revenue levels in the face of reduced insurance payments, Bill has had to spend quite a bit of time over the past year in the process of computerizing his patients records. Part of the deal for patients in signing up for the concierge service is that their records are digitized so that the patient, Bill or any other doctor who the patient retains can review the records from anywhere via the Web. That perk has required a considerable expenditure of effort over the past year in digitizing those records, but now that the process is largely complete, Bill will spend far less time in future years as he simply amends a patient's computerized record with each visit.

There have been a number of pleasant surprises in Bill's first year of the concierge practice. For example, Bill was initially concerned that a number of his less affluent patients would opt not to participate because of the retainer payment. Surprisingly, however, his patient base has remained quite diverse from a socioeconomic standpoint -- even a large number of his elderly patients on Medicare elected to participate despite the fact that Medicare doesn't cover any of the retainer payment.

Keep reading for some more interesting observations about the practice. I'm not sure how I feel about the concierge idea yet, but it seems like it has some merit depending on the type of patient the PCP sees. Your thoughts? Comment below!

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