Monday, February 27, 2012

Gifts For Medical Students On Match Day

According to the National Residency Matching Program, Match Day is the day when U.S. medical school soon-to-be graduates will find out what internship and residency programs they have "matched" to, after the several months long interview and ranking process. While graduation is the formal and ceremonial completion of medical training that leads to the conferring of a medical degree, in many ways, the match day is the functional culmination of four years of hard work, or in many cases, a lifelong effort. Friends and family often take part in Match Day ceremonies put on by medical schools to celebrate this major transition point with their loved ones. To help celebrate, here are a few gift ideas for the lucky matchee:

1. A tablet

As technology becomes ever more integrated into medicine, having a tablet is becoming an essential device for staying up-to-date with the latest medical knowledge. Many hospitals now provide free Wifi for their staff, making these tools a highly useful as well as stylish "pocket brain." Tablets can also be utilized for performing clinical calculations or even in evaluating patients in the clinic with the use of specialized apps. In many ways, starting internship or residency is almost like going back to school again... except you are getting paid and likely working harder. Still, might as well be prepared like all the other 'students', right? 

 2. A Little Leisure Reading


As well as medical school can prepare a student intellectually for being a practicing physician, there's no substitute for the real thing. All three books above are excellent and describe how the authors made that critical transition in their respective specialties. In fact, the House of God has become so well known that some of the terms coined within entered the general medical lexicon, although usually as kind of an inside joke. 

 3. Or Perhaps Something More Inspirational?


When the doldrums of intern year hit (usually around January/February when the novelty has worn off but the light at the end of the tunnel is still somewhat dim, the two books above both provide a big picture look of why we as doctors do what we do. Whether caring for patients in underserved communities in far flung corners of the world or working to turn the arc of a deadly disease, these doctors have made a difference and show us how our daily work is part of the larger whole. Yes, cliche, but sometimes you need those "Hallmark moments" to push you forward as an intern. 

Haha, and if you really want to impress them, buy the Kindle above and preload it with all these titles! That way they can read the book during downtime even at work! 

 4. Something To Make Them Smile


And when all else fails, why not try something cuddly? Take it into work and put a smile on the faces of your colleagues and patients!

Looking more ideas? Check out some Match Day gift ideas from years past!

Updated 2015-12-25

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