Sunday, January 15, 2017

The New and Improved Amazon Rewards Card

Regular readers of this site likely realize that we're big fans of Amazon. In addition to using e-books and being a Prime Student member, another way to maximize your Amazon benefits is by having an Amazon Rewards credit card.

Previously, the card paid 3% back for all purchases made on Amazon and 1% everywhere else. The new card now pays 5% back on all Amazon purchases for Prime members, 2% at restaurants, gas stations, and drug stores, and 1% everywhere else. It remains free, with no annual fee.

The card becomes another payment option in your Amazon account. After the monthly balance is paid off, the reward points automatically show up on the Amazon checkout page. Simple!

For a limited time, Amazon is offering a $70 instant bonus upon approval. If you are looking for a new stethoscope or maybe even a new tablet device, that would go a long way towards it! Following on the last post though, if you already carry credit card debt, make sure to pay off all your balances first before pursuing new lines of credit and make sure to pay off your balance *every* month.

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