Monday, February 25, 2008

A Few Interesting Stories

Whew! Done with Step 1! I've enjoyed a few days off, but it's back to the wards tomorrow, specifically the psych wards. I don't have anything in particular to discuss today, so here's a smattering of links with interesting stories:

When a murderer becomes a medical student - a medical school in Stockholm is faced with a dilemma over what to do when a convicted murderer who has served his time is found to be in the student body.

Do statins really prolong a patient's life? - an interesting look at the issue of how to use a drug for a disease versus as prophylaxis.

Who really gets MRSA? - As reports of a new strain of MRSA among homosexual men appeared, the article notes another group that also has a high incidence of such infections.

Hoarseness on the political trail - Find out what the candidates do in their attempts to not lose their voice while being a "voice for the people."

Seven Common Medical Myths - Haha, I must admit, I have held at least 4 of these.

Does a surgeon's gender matter? - Wow, I never would have considered to research this, but it is something to ponder, especially in gender-based operations (ex. mastectomies, prostate surgery)

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