Monday, February 11, 2008

"Entertainment Tonight" Can Cause Seizures

Seizures can have a wide variety of triggers. In an old report, apparently Entertainment Tonight's host Mary Hart's voice was shown to have caused seizures:
Mary Hart may have been asking herself last week why it couldn't have been Barbara Walters, or maybe Vanna White. In an article in The New England Journal of Medicine, Dr. Venkat Ramani, a professor of neurology at the Albany Medical College, told of a highly unusual case in which a woman's epileptic seizures were triggered by the sound of Ms. Hart's voice. Neither Ms. Hart nor her show, "Entertainment Tonight," were mentioned in the article, but Dr. Ramani confirmed that his patient's "reflex seizures" were indeed brought on by Ms. Hart's voice. He said that when the patient first came to him he asked what set off the seizures. "With great hesitation," he recalled, "she said 'You're not going to believe it.' " Dr. Ramani said that her epilepsy predated her watching "Entertainment Tonight," and that the connection between the seizures and Ms. Hart's voice was a mystery. A spokeswoman for the show said that Ms. Hart had no comment.
I came across this piece while reading about strange celebrity insurance policies. Apparently, Mary Hart had her legs insured. Anyway, it should be noted that the article appeared in 1991. Who knows how many other seizures Mary Hart has caused since then?

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