Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Why Monica Bellucci Might Take Atropine

Q: Why might some Italian women be crazy?

A: Atropine makes them that way! Atropine is an anti-muscarinic agent that acts on M1 receptors in the CNS, M2 receptors in the heart, and M3 receptors in smooth muscle tissue and various glands. The drug can be used to treat bradycardia, cholinesterase inhibitor overdose, and mild cramping and urgent bladder in mild cystitis. The side effects of atropine can be remembered by the mnemonic:
  • Red as a beet - Dilation of superficial vessels leads to flushing
  • Blind as a bat - Cycloplegia and mydriasis
  • Dry as a bone - Decreased lacrimation and salivation
  • Hot as a hare - Atropine fever due to decreased perspiration
  • Mad as a hatter - Delirium and hallucinations
It was first isolated from the plant Atropa belladonna (right), so named because extracts from the plant were allegedly used by Italian women to dilate their pupils. However, my un-PC hunch is that some of the women OD'ed on the atropine causing them to be "mad as a hatter." Then again, Italy gave us Monica Bellucci, so perhaps that's an acceptable trade-off.

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