Monday, March 03, 2008

Diet Sodas and Metabolic Syndrome

Diet sodas just can't catch a break! Apparently, metabolic syndrome is tied to diet soda. The concept of metabolic syndrome always seems a bit fuzzy to me, but I basically like to think of it as "pre-diabetes." At any rate, given the other recent news about diet sodas possibly leading to increased weight, it seems like there's just no way to enjoy a soda anymore like we used to.

In somewhat related news, a diabetes study was partially halted after deaths when it was noted that patients with tighter glucose control actually had more deaths than the group with less stringent control. In some sense, this is a much more disturbing piece of research. Even if the cause of a disease is unknown, as long as it can be treated, there is not as much concern. But if the cause of metabolic syndrome/diabetes becomes more convoluted and the treatment becomes less clear, medicine's ability to care for the increasing ranks of diabetes patients is much more limited.

Bring back New Coke! Or not: read more about how sodas are associated with gaining weight as well as chronic kidney disease.

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