Friday, December 12, 2008

Help for Poor Medical Students

While researching ways to save money on all these trips for residency interviews, I came across a blog dedicated to just that: Poor MD

Sounds like the blogger is a former 'poor' medical student who applied to a competitive field (radiology) and had to really watch every penny because (s)he has a family and three kids to take care of. Anyway, maybe some of you will find it helpful.


  1. I enjoy your site and thanks for the poorMD shout out.

  2. Thanks. They really need finance classes for med students, so many future-doctors have no business sense.

  3. Agreed. Most med students don't realize that private practices, especially solo ones are truly small businesses first and foremost, and have to worry about things like costs, revenues, profit margins, labor costs, etc. Before that, personal finance education is a must as well, specifically concerning student loans and managing debt.



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