Saturday, December 13, 2008

Saving Money on Hotels for Residency Interviews

As I am flying out and staying at hotels for all these residency interviews, the costs really start to add up. There is a whole bunch of obvious advice out there already (stay with friends, book early, etc), but sometimes you just cannot avoid staying at a hotel and booking things close to your interview date. When this happens, how can medical students still save money on travel and lodging costs?

Well, two sites I would recommend are Kayak and TripAdvisor. Both sites let you quickly comparison shop between several discount sellers online. Nice features include searching around an address, which lets you enter the address of your interview location in, and then find hotels nearby. Kayak also has helpful mobile apps for iPhone/Android phone useres. Another suggestion would be to try to group your reservations so that you're booking from one site. For example, if you book 10 nights with, you get an 11th night free (with some restrictions, of course).

Anyone else have any good tips or website recommendations?

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