Thursday, December 11, 2008

Pull The Plug, Brian

From Family Guy:

With all the talk about palliative care, one wonders how many members of the public really view end of life issues as depicted in this clip. Then again, I guess I shouldn't look to 'Family Guy' for a substantive discussion of end of life care, but at least they could have include something more realistic, such as the lady giving Brian power of attorney. Also, why is Brian unplugging the EKG monitor? I think she'll survive that.


  1. Great site! I'm just (hopefully) starting my medical school journey, it's great to hear there are others out there in the blog world, already on that path!

  2. Thanks for visiting! I'm not sure if I ever explicitly stated this on the blog, but I was actually an economics major in college as well, so I can understand your interest in both areas. People like us have a relatively unique perspective within the healthcare community and I think you will find your background to be a valuable asset down the road. Good luck with medical school and happy blogging!



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