Monday, December 22, 2008

What Is A Good Radiologist Salary?

As I start my career, the issue of salary comes upon often, but almost as a taboo term. The idea of mixing money and medicine has obvious problems, but in today's world, it is a reality well worth considering. As the issue influences what medical specialty students choose (see: Medical Student Debt Influences Career Choices), a medical student must consider it, at least briefly. So, for me going into radiology, the question is: what is a good radiologist salary?

Surprisingly, this issue has come up during residency interviews. Some radiologists have mentioned salaries going into the 7 figures! However, the general data I see shows a range of $200,000 to $400,000 for radiologist salaries. Of course, this salary is affected by many variables, including location, years of training, geographic location, and especially by whether the diagnostic radiologist is an academic radiologist or private practice radiologist, with the latter making upwards of twice as much! As medical students make specialty choices while balancing college debt and medical school debt, it pays to keep these figures in mind!

For more information, check out this site about radiology salary information and other topics related to radiology.  


  1. No matter how low your salary is in comparison to your colleagues, as a practicing physician in the US you will always be able to run a comfortable lifestyle.

    Of course as long as you do not abuse your credit cards and loans buying mansions that you cannot afford then bringing the whole country into recession once again, lol

  2. In my practice in So. Cal., a starting radiologist makes about $350K/year to start (fellowship trained general radiologist). Partners are about 30% higher. That seems to be about the going rate. Physicians in the military, VA hospitals, and academia make less.

    Be careful about basing your employment choices on salary alone. Other items like pension plans, bonuses, equity opportunities, practice stability, and opportunity for partnership can make a big difference.

  3. Thanks for the info. I've heard these things as well, but it's sad that there's not more formal discussion about it during medical school and residency (at least, from what I know / hear).

    Although most physicians are well compensated relative to the average American, cost of living and location can make a big difference as well. I'd imagine if you were doing the same job in South Carolina instead of Southern California, you could probably stand to make much more, right?

  4. how much does a radiologist earn per month per year

  5. Well, if you look at the post above, let's say an average radiologist earns $360k per year. That would work out to $30,000 per month.



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